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The Vibro version breaks up solid material such as mineral deposits, exposed aggregate concrete etc. at the bottom of a pipeline. The rotating head produces vibrations which are transmitted into the material by the runners and spikes.

From pipe diameter 300mm on and larger. Smaller pipes can be processed with Blue80 vibro.

Included in delivery:
1pc. 8000-A000 speed controlled rotating body
1pc. 8000-2001 thrust plate 
1pc. 8000-2063 vibro housing
1pc 8000-2060 vibro head
1pc 8000-0510 bearing to vibro head
1pc 8000-2064 tensioning ring
6pc 8000-2069 tensioning wedges with screws
1pc. 8000-2114 skid plastic
1pc. 8000-2068 drawbar eye