Large Profile (Propeller) Cleaner

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Ø  700 - 1200 MM (28-48")

Solid but still not heavy, the unit has 3 cleaning arms with 2 nozzles each, one of which is a 90 degree flat jet and the other a spot nozzle.

This allows surfaces to be cleaned in dry or flooded channels. The rotation is speed controlled and it does not matter if fresh or recycled water is used.

Easy handling, no tools required to insert and unfold the unit in the manhole.

(Swivel joint not included, optional available usually not needed)
-ready for optional expansion unit 1200-2400 mm (48-96 Inch)
-ready for optional automatic adjustable thrust unit

8000-P012 consisting of:
• 1 pc. 8000-A000 Blue100 rotating body with speed adjustment
• 1 pc. 8000-2072 flywheel plate
• 1 pc. 8000-2275 propeller adapter
• 1 pc. 8000-2011 thrust plate 1" closed
• 1 pc. 3514-0700 centralizer Ø 28-48"
• 1 pc. 8000-2114 skid plastic Ø 4.33"
• 9 pc. 1505-0000 ExL Ceramic
(Swivel joint not included, optional available)