How much flow and how much pressure?

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 It won't work right without this information

The orifices sizes  creates the water pressure for cleaning.

  • too big means not enough pressure
  • too small means the pressure is reached before the pump is delivering enough water. The safety bypass is opening..

To select the right orifice size we need to know

  • the flow rate (litres per minute) and

the pressure available from the pump (bar)

  • the material, inside diameter and length of the hose

With this information we optimise your ExLJ to your system.

The maximum available pressure on the nozzle is the result of:

  • the pressure from the pump (maximum available pump pressure)
  • minus pressure loss caused by the supply line to the nozzle (hose, pipe). 

Inaccurate or wrong parameters have a negative impact. Cleaning is only limited or not at all possible, unnecessary and high water and diesel consumption.

It is often not necessary to adjust the nozzle to the maximum pressure. Adjustments from 80 to 120 bar are often enough and can safe a lot on fuel costs.

For  a most accurate pressure loss chart ask your hose supplier or measure it with your pressure gauge on your truck.

Sample pressure loss chart.

How to measure pressure loss with my tanker vehicle?

If you calculate the pressure loss yourself enter the net value under "no hose".