landfill nozzle

Special cleaning nozzle for drainage pipes with a very high thrust force and flushing performance. Connected to a light weight hose and tuned with the appropriate water pressure, this special nozzle can cover up to 400 metres. Made of hardened steel. The dump nozzle B 275 is especially suitable in hazardous areas (e.g. deposits of unknown matters).

The angle of the nozzles will be 5°/8° and regarding the dump nozzle B 275 respectively only 5°.


Attention: The extreme flat water jet angle is aggressive to the hose. Only suitable in conjunction with abrasion and wear resistant hose materials around the connection point.

Price includes ceramic inserts.


1" Ø78 mm (Ø3")


1" Ø98 mm (Ø4")


11/4" Ø110 mm (Ø4.3")