TS 200/100eco erase

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Turbin Spider 200 for 1" and link chain

for pipe diameters 200 to 400mm
suitable for any water type
will work from 50lpm @100bar and up.
1 pc.3000-0000 TS turbine module
1 pc 3000-1010 for roller 1" und link chain Ø 150 - 400 mm
1 pc 3514-0400 centralizer
1m 5051-0000 link chain
without wheels and fast diameter adjustment 
-Ø 200-400 x 610, 19kg
-optional centralizer for 150mm available 

Hook up

1 Inch

Ø x L in mm


rear jet

6x M10 25° Ceramic

rotation jet 3x (optional 6x)
body material steel and stainless steel
pipe size Ø mm 200 to 400 (optional >400 and down to 150mm)
minimum flow in lpm at 100 bar > 70